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Progress since Day 1

Puckett's Pups - Officially Opened January 3, 2022


The Facility

Puckett's Pups originally was a boat storage facility. In 2021, we signed a lease to transform this 4,000 sq ft building into a doggy daycare and boarding facility. We planned to create a playroom, a fenced in outdoor space, multiple kennels for overnight stays, a grooming room and a lobby for purchases of merchandise and pick ups/drop offs!


Construction began in Summer of 2021 and too about 6-8 months to complete. Everything interior started from scratch. All the kennels were custom made, the electric / plumbing / HVAC all had to be installed & the yard outside needed to be fenced in for playtime. While running into some design flaws, we have continued to make this layout safer and better for our furry friends!


Boarding Hallway

Our boarding hallway has 16 kennels. 12 of them are 5x5 in size, with different gate heights. We have 4 larger kennels off to the left in the back that are 10x5 in size with higher dividers for larger dogs. We do not board dogs with us that are escape artists, wall jumpers or gate aggressive. We require all new clients to trial with us to make sure we are good fit for them!

Play Yard

In the fall of 2022, we had our yard transformed using turf! We had someone come dig out the yard and lay down pea gravel and stone. We now have a fully fenced in turfed yard for potty breaks and outdoor playtime! We spray the yard daily and sanitize it as well to keep our furry friends safe and clean!

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