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Frequent Pup Questions

Q: What kinds of services will you provide?

A: We provide doggie daycare & boarding. We offer baths as well!

Q: Can my intact dog come?

A: If they are under 9 months old, they can attend daycare. If they are over 9 months old, they must be spayed or neutered to join daycare. We allow intact adult dogs to do boarding, they just cannot add daycare on to the stay!

Q: My dog is not friendly, can we still board them?

A: Yes, but the safety of our employees and other animals is our top priority. If your dog is not dog friendly, they would just board in a kennel and have their own private playtime. If they are not human friendly, unfortunately, we can not risk our staff’s safety and your dog would not be able to board with us. We need to be able to take them in and out of their kennel and that is a safety hazard if the dog does not like others and could possibly physically harm us in the process.

Q: Will you have grooming?

A: Yes, in a perfect world we would have it when we open but we are in search of an experienced groomer that would be a great fit on our team and we would love to get the daycare and boarding running as soon as possible. If you know of anyone that would be interested, email us at!

Q: Why should we choose Puckett’s Pups?

A: While our facility will be the first of its kind in the Marblehead area, my main passion revolves around loving and caring for dogs. As the owner, it has been a dream of mine to focus my career and life on doing something with dogs and enjoying every minute of it. Our main priority is to keep your dog safe and comfortable, while also allowing them to have fun and socialize with others during their stay. If your pup can not stay in the daycare, we will make their kennel stay fun, safe, and exciting. We are here to love your dog just as much as you do, this is a safe space for dogs in our area. While this is a new adventure for us all, we are so excited to start this journey and make so many furry friends for years to come!

Q: Is barking or humping allowed?

A: While dogs will be dogs, we actively try to manage situations to prevent excessive barking or humping. Unfortunately, dogs that display these behaviors in an excessive manner will not be allowed to participate in our daycare services. These behaviors become too difficult for our staff to manage, and make for a stressful and potentially unsafe environment.

Q: What should I bring for my dog's boarding stay?

A: If your dog is a new client and staying in one of our kennels, you may bring their bowls, beds, blankets, toys (no bones). For kennel-free boarding clients, you may bring their bowls but all other things will be provided because toys can not be in the daycare area to avoid any altercations over toys. All boarding dogs must have an updated vaccination copy on file, all paperwork (waivers, surveys, introduction information forms) must be completed before arrival and all deposits must be made during the time of reservation. Please make sure all meals are packaged separately (in either ziplock baggies or Tupperware with labels including their name) and any medication that may need to be given during their stay and clear instructions on their feeding/medication schedule.

Q: What is the best way to make a reservation or ask questions?

A: We have three options actually! I am super flexible with how you would like to book or ask questions. You can call me at 4199672621 anytime. You can also email us at which also goes to my personal cell and lastly, you can message our Facebook page @ Puckett’s Pups! I am usually on my phone all day for work so we will be pretty quick to respond with any option!

Q: My dog has a food allergy, is that a problem?

A: Absolutely not! We do not provide our own food or treats for this very reason. So please always bring their food, labeled with their name, and also add any allergies on the label as well! We will keep a record of all our allergy pups and will make sure they do not cross over with anyone else during lunchtime or for treat time! You can bring treats as well, so please label those as well!

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