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Link to Paw Partner Booking Website!

Visiting our facility is by APPOINTMENT ONLY. 



Welcome to Puckett's Pups LLC

Doggie Daycare & Boarding

We care about your Dog as much as you do

Thank you for choosing local for your fur babies needs! We are very small facility that gives dogs the customized care they deserve! Boarding stays with us are very individualized, check out our Paw Partner website where you can make your pups stay super special! Have a PAWSOME day! 

Daycare is offered Monday - Friday for dogs that have passed their temperament test. Our drop off times are 7-11am and pick up times are 3-6pm. All reservations can be made on Paw Partner, new clients can create a new profile and submit a reservation for a temperament test *830am to 1030am Monday- Friday. We require Bordetella, Distemper & Rabies for daycare dogs. Canine Influenza is highly recommended. Dogs over 9 months old must be spayed or neutered. Small dog testing is Tuesday and Thursday from 11-4. $25 deposits are due to confirm a testing spot! Large dogs can pay $10 more to stay and play if they pass but we try to keep first days shorter to reduce anxiety. 
We have 12 medium kennels and 4 large kennels! We offer two options for boarding - boarding with playgroup or solo boarding. We do accept dogs that cannot be in the playgroup, as long as they are friendly with staff. We do not accept dogs that jump walls / gates and dogs that are not crate trained. All reservations can be made on Paw Partner - we charge on a 24 hour rate, anything over that adds a half day fee for each dog! If your dog has never boarded before, a trial night is required. If your dog goes to another facility, a trial night is required for 3+ nights, or your home facility will have to confirm their boarding behavior! 
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